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The Albert E. Erickson Company has been building new Model 40-10 machines for over 30 years.

Our origins were as a high-volume job shop using Bodine machines as our manufacturing platform. We found that spare parts from Bodine were expensive and not always in stock.

We elected to begin to make the parts, ourselves. Soon, as our production business grew, customers would visit and would be impressed with the machines that they saw producing their parts.

Some customers wanted to buy the machines. Considering that the machines were 20 - 30 years old, we wanted to rebuild them so there would be no "surprises."

The parts that we were making for our own use became the basis for our rebuilding program.

Soon, one large electrical wiring device manufacturer began to push us to sell them machines to increase their production capacity. Not having the machines to spare, and with used machines hard to find, we made the patterns and the weldments necessary to produce a new 40-10. We had most of the gears, shafts, etc. already, so this last step was not as big as starting from scratch.

The Erickson 40-10 has all the same production capacities as the Bodine 40-10 at about 1/2 the cost.

Since the Bodine Corporation has moved its product line away from the dial machines to their very successful "inline" system, we believe that we are the only source in the world for a new 40-10.

Please feel free to contact us concerning your needs and we will design the right system for you...

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