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What do you do with most machines that are 30 years old and "written off"?
Your account may tell you to "scrap them". The fact is the Bodine is one of the few machine that can be fully rebuilt at a fraction of their replacement cost.

"Why rebuild? There must be something better..."
The fact is that there is no faster machine available today today that can do the multiple jobs that the Bodine can do for your investment. This machine, designed in the late 1920's is still the best way to do many production jobs.

The Albert E. Erickson Company offers complete Bodine rebuilding. Most machine refurbishers do a lot of painting but lack expertise about the machine itself.

Albert E. Erickson Company can supply a used Bodine, rebuild it and "trade" yours when the job is done. We can even offer a new "Erickson" 40-10 if needed. This allows you to continue to run your machine, then "replace" it with a "new" machine. We've got you covered under any scenario...

We run the machines in production daily, have all the spare parts on the shelf, and have 40 years of experience behind us. We can do the job!

We check the machine for slide wear, locking pin bushing wear, and dial stud wear. These must be checked before stripping.

The machine is stripped down to the bare casting, steam cleaned and primed.

All the major part systems (tapping train, segment, index ratchet, yokes, index lever, cam carrier, etc.) are inspected. Any parts out of spec are replaced. All replaced parts are retuned to the customer.

All bushings, bearings, and rollers are replaced.

The castings are painted to the customer's color and the re-assembly of the machine begins.

It is at this time that Albert E. Erickson Company offers its customers a variety of options:

  1. Return the base machine.
  2. Add a new electrical package which includes motors, enclosure starters and controls.
  3. Add a PLC to the electric package, inspection and maybe an Allen Bradley "Panel View 550."
  4. Automating the part feeding.

Albert E. Erickson Company can offer everything you need to bring your current machines to the apex of operation...

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